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We Hear From Happy Couples

Photographer: Lindsey Ford

We Wouldn't Have Changed a Thing

We got married here recently and couldn't have been happier with our choice!

Any venue can put up an arch with flowers to get married in front of, but if you're looking for a place with a magnificent "view" or beautiful backdrop behind for your ceremony (or any event), definitely tour Hauser Hill first.

The setting overlooks the beautiful rolling fields and pastures of central PA from atop a picturesque hill. The ''Jack’s Event Hall" building has huge panoramic windows all the way around the building from which you can enjoy the gorgeous view regardless of rain or shine.We got so many comments from our wedding guests about what a cool place it was. The natural light in the event room is amazing because of the panoramic windows, and I loved having the adjoining terrace/deck that our guests could walk outside and enjoy during the event. It was exactly what we wanted for our intimate 50-person wedding; something beautiful yet different/unique.

Frolic in the vineyard.jpg

Mindi, the event manager at Hauser is also a huge asset to this venue. Every single vendor I encountered while shopping around for our wedding said the same thing when l told them I was getting married at Hauser Hlll—something like “I’m familiar with Hauser, Mindi is great!” or “l know Mindi over there. She really knows what she's doing." When our actual wedding day came, I could see why they all commented about Mindi. She knows exactly how to set up, coordinate for, and work an evert to run without a hitch...she is a true professional at what she does.

Overall, we were so impressed with Hauser Hill in general and I’m happy with how things went. We wouldn’t have changed a thing, and highly recommend Hauser to anyone looking for a gorgeous and special venue for any type of party!

--Diane and Tim, May 2022  

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