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We Hear From Happy Customers

Great Place For A Prom

In May, Litttlestown High School held their prom at this venue and it goes without saying, Hauser Hill is a wonderful location for such an event. With access to the building (including the terrace} as well as the tent, this venue provided so much room for our students to enjoy. 
As our first time at this venue, the students as well as staff thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, location and everything in between. We received nothing but positive feedback after the event ended. 
Prior to the event, and including the day of, Mindi was a huge help with the entire process. She was very responsive and clear leading up the the event, which was helpful in a sense of planning and coordinating. The day prior, as well as the day of prom, she assisted us with numerous projects, including clean up, which was all around, greatly appreciated. 
It turned out to be an awesome night for all included. Would highly recommend this location to host a prom.

--Amberly Stoudt

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