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The Hauser Legacy

Helen, a student at Temple University in 1929, watched as a tall, good-looking male student walked on campus. To her friend she said, "I want to meet him."


Women's Lib had not yet become popular in our culture, but Helen asked another male friend to be her date at a fraternity party on campus. There she met John Hauser, a campus leader and president of his fraternity.


The rest, as the saying goes, is history.


Helen and “Jack" Hauser were married in 1934. Jack found a job in Baltimore, Maryland, as the Great Depression continued, but was soon recruited to the position of trucking manager at C.H. Musselman Co., Biglerville, Pennsylvania. His leadership skills surfaced again and by 1944 he was elected as president of the apple product producing company.


Under his leadership, Musselman’s became a nationally known and highly regarded fruit processing company with locations in several states.

In 2020, the family opened Hauser Hill Event Center (formerly Hauser Estate Winery, built in 2007), commemorating the Hauser legacy and name.

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